Gain total visibility of all systems instantly;

Quick identification of data outliers and correlations;

Align strategies and organizational goal;

Save time compare compared to running multiple reports;

Improve the effeciency of newly-made decisions;

Measure school's performance parameters;

Improved performance analysis, thanks to visualization abilities;

Determine the goal and strategy as a whole;

Visual presentation of performance measures;

Ability to identify and correct negatice trends;

Measure effeciencies/ineffeciencies;

Ability to generate detailed reports showing new trends;

Ability to make more informed decisons based on collective business intelligence;


Our dashboards are designed to help your set your organization's key strategies and priorities, thus empowering you to begin your journey towards excellence. They provide your decision makers with timely data at all levels . This can be used to identify problems in real time and to manage people, decision making and processes, optimize performance and in turn deliver quality.

just login wherever you are and see consistent and up to date informaton on how your organization is progressing against your set goals .



Number of Application VS Number of Admissions

Be informed about who is applying and who is admitted.This comparison is a performance metric of your admission campaign, hence providing you with the live information when it's most needed.

  • Current Enrollment by Program
  • Admitted Students by Age Group,Demographics, etc
  • Cash on Hand


Accounts Payable with aging by Vendors

Not sure how many invoices are due and what time!This indicator gives you a live piture of how much you owe to teach vendor/supplier and the numbewr of daysin which their payments are due.

  • Cost per student-Teaching & Facility
  • Average Financial Discount Rate
  • Teaching Staff Turn Over
  • Teacher to Admin Ratio


Accounts Receviable with aging by students

Be sure that invoices are created and receivable are booked the day you expect from your team . your dashboard will give you live informaton of the outstanding revenue and what your receipts.

  • Average class size
  • Staff diversity Statistics
  • Total Vacant Positions Vs Positions to be filled
  • Teacher Qualification


Student Dropout Rate

Know your dropouts and manage to eliminate them


Average Daily Attendence

Attendence is one of the most crucial performance metric for quality education . Stay up-to-date with live attendence and be empowered to take corrective measures instantly.

  • Staff Performance evaluation
  • Parengt Qualification
  • Year to date(YTD) Expenses
  • Year to date(YTD) Income


Teacher to student Ratio

Is your class size suitable for t he teacher to deliver quality education ? With this performance metric, school leaders are able to correlate performance of instructors to their class sizes.

  • Year to date(YTD) Income
  • Income per Student


Year to date(YTD) Revenue

See the Performance of your academic operation in relation to your revenues . Also gauge your revenues against the benchmarks or budget you had planned for the year.


Budget Variance

How is your institutuion prforming against your budget? Stay up-to-date with live picture of actual versus budgeted financial figures to manage your instituiton's financial performance.


Enjoy our continousely developing library of key performance indicators (KPIs)abailable right on your dashboard .